The Outlaw Report Podcast: Diabetes, Potography, & Hemp Underwear

If you’ve been with us since we launched our monthly photo contest last spring, you probably know we like to share podcasts featuring our members and other cannabis photographers.

Today we have another podcast episode to share, but this one’s particularly exciting for us because it’s Potography’s first official interview and first time being featured on a podcast!

The Outlaw Report Podcast

The Outlaw Report is a local cannabis news outlet created by cannabis industry professionals and advocates in Washington, DC. Through their blog and podcast, the Outlaw Report consistently delivers relevant and credible cannabis news to DMV locals.

Scott Cecil, the host of The Outlaw Report Podcast, is a longtime drug policy reform advocate and friend of Potography. Along with hosting The Outlaw Report Podcast and his own podcast, Prohibited, which explores the concept of prohibition within and outside the realm of drug policy, Scott also serves as City Councilmember in Mount Rainier, Maryland.

Diabetes, Potography, & Hemp Underwear

Scott asked me to join him for a brief discussion about my cannabis advocacy and entrepreneurship, so we hopped on a Zoom call and recorded this interview.

I had a great time!

I really appreciate Scott giving me the opportunity to share more about what Potography is all about, along with how I got into cannabis and why I landed in DC (almost 10 years ago!).

We cover a lot of topics I’ve been looking forward to sharing publicly for a while now, especially what motivated me to start Potography in the first place. I’ve been putting off sharing more about me or Potography’s backstory because I want this community to be focused on all the amazing cannabis photographers out there. But I do think it’s important for everyone to see who’s behind this and what motivates us so, in a way, I feel like this is long overdue!

Not only do we get into how and why I started Potography, but we also touched on a few things I’ve been working on for the future.

I also make a surprise (and, admittedly, impromptu) business announcement, but you’ll have to listen to the episode to find out what that was!

Closing Thoughts

I hope you like the episode, and please let me know what you think about those Potography ideas I mentioned.

Also, if you haven’t entered your photos into our May photo contest yet, hurry! This month is already one of the most competitive yet, and we’ve still got a whole week left to enter!

I really appreciate all of you for your continued support and engagement. This is a really fun project for me and I get more and more excited about its future each day.

Thanks again, everyone!


PS: If you’d like to purchase a pair of the life-changing hemp underwear mentioned in the episode, click the WAMA Underwear logo below.

wama hemp underwear
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About Potography

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