We’re over the moon to share the victors of our esteemed May 2023 photo contest! With a staggering number of 9 captivating entries from 3 remarkable contestants, picking out only three winners was indeed a challenge. Nonetheless, after much thought, we’re delighted to present the illustrious photographers who have triumphed in this month’s contest:

Third Place: britt-nizzle

Tropic Thunder | Rosebud Growers PDX

Britt-nizzle, one of our repeat contest winners, has been a dedicated member of our platform since September 2022. Their impressive journey and commitment to the art of cannabis photography have immensely contributed to the growth of our cannabis community. It’s always a pleasure seeing their work and their continual dedication towards enhancing the realm of cannabis photography.

Britt-nizzle is a published professional photographer and Media Director based in Portland, Oregon, with a wealth of experience in Marketing, Consulting, and Sales. Their unique flair for capturing elements like Live plant, Dried bud, Concentrate, Macro, Events, Street, and Glass art truly sets their photography apart.

Their victorious entry, Tropic Thunder | Rosebud Growers PDX, is a meticulously captured live plant photograph of the strain Tropic Thunder, a flower grown by Rosebud Growers PDX. The vivid hues and the intricate detailing of the plant life in this image truly highlight britt-nizzle’s unparalleled photography talent.

Let’s move on and reveal our second place winner!

Second Place: siraynot


Our second-place winner, siraynot, holds a special place in our community. As one of our earliest members since October 2020, their contribution to our platform and the cannabis community is genuinely appreciated. Their photographic artistry has won hearts in the past, and it’s a joy to see them continue to bring their unique perspective to cannabis photography.

Siraynot, a dedicated photographer, offers a unique twist to their photos, focusing on elements like Live plant, dried bud, concentrate, and rolled product. Their photographic style lends a fresh and unique perspective to cannabis photography.

Their award-winning entry, blunttoppinz, is a masterfully captured rolled product and concentrate macro photograph. Siraynot’s talent shines through in this picture, showcasing a beautifully rolled blunt with a topping of concentrate, a testament to their unique photographic perspective.

Now, without further ado, let’s reveal our first-place winner!

First Place: britt-nizzle

Baby Cakes | Macro | Rosebud Growers PDX

Our first-place winner, britt-nizzle, has been a devoted member of our platform since September 2022. Their constant involvement and dedication towards the art of cannabis photography have had an inspiring impact on our community. Britt-nizzle’s exceptional talent and their repeated success in our contests have truly established them as a cornerstone of our platform.

Britt-nizzle, a proficient photographer, and Media Director from Portland, Oregon, has an undying passion for capturing the true essence of Live plant, Dried bud, Concentrate, Macro, Events, Street, and Glass art in their photography.

Their grand prize-winning entry, Baby Cakes | Macro | Rosebud Growers PDX, is an exceptional live plant macro photograph of the strain Baby Cakes, a flower product by Rosebud Growers PDX. This image is a true testament to britt-nizzle’s unmatched talent in capturing the innate beauty of cannabis, highlighting every minute detail with sheer brilliance.

With the winners announced, let’s wrap up!

Closing Thoughts

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the photographers who took part in this month’s contest. The level of creativity and talent showcased was truly mind-blowing, leaving us eager to see the marvels you’ll create for the upcoming contest!

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About Potography

Potography celebrates cannabis through photography, design, and all other forms of art. Our monthly photo contest is a fun and friendly way to highlight the artistic talent in the cannabis community as well as the natural beauty of the cannabis plant and the art it inspires.

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