The Cannabis Hangout Episode 63 with CasedGod

We’re always on the lookout for new podcast episodes featuring cannabis photographers, and today we have a great one to share from The Cannabis Hangout:

The Cannabis Hangout Podcast, Episode 63: Cannabis Photography, Keeping Your Creative Juices Flowing, & Always Rising Above It Ft. Jeff AKA CasedGod

About The Cannabis Hangout

The Cannabis Hangout is a podcast hosted by two cannabis-loving girls from Oklahoma named Brannan and Sabah.

I listened to the episode with CasedGod twice, and I loved the down-to-earth and authentic vibes the hosts bring to the show. It makes for some really enjoyable conversations full of interesting perspectives and, of course, a burning passion for the plant.

Click to listen to a preview clip from the episode on Instagram

About CasedGod

The guest on this podcast episode is a 26-year-old published cannabis photographer named Jeff. You may know him as @casedgod on Instagram or Capture Cannabis on Facebook.

When we first saw Jeff’s Instagram page, the main thing that stood out was his focus on the people using cannabis and not just the plant itself. We really love and appreciate this aspect of his work, and we think it will go a long way in helping to change the negative perceptions and stigmas held against cannabis users.

And, even though CasedGod tends to focus on the people more than the plant, as you can tell from the photos on this page he definitely knows how to take some killer macro and bud shots too!

capture cannabis, casedgod, the cannabis hangout
Black Cherry Punch by Boson Labs, Photo by CasedGod

About the episode

Jeff shares his inspiring story about why he uses cannabis and how he got into cannabis photography, and he also talks about the circumstances and motivators that led him to turn his craft into a business.

Jeff, Brennan, and Sabah delivered a truly dope episode loaded with insights on what it takes to build a cannabis photography business, and we think anyone interested in cannabis photography, design, or any other creative services will find it entertaining, informative, and motivating, especially if you focus on the cannabis industry.

The episode is about 30 minutes long, and we highly recommend you give it a listen. You can hear a preview clip of the episode on The Cannabis Hangout’s Instagram by clicking here.

Click the buttons below to listen on your platform of choice, and be sure to check out Jeff’s social media pages @casedgod and Capture Cannabis.

Thanks again to CasedGod and to the ladies at The Cannabis Hangout for recording this episode and letting us share it with our community!

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