About Potography

What is Potography?

Potography is an online community for cannabis photographers and content creators. Our mission is to support cannabis-inspired artists and celebrate the creative works shaped by cannabis.

In pursuit of our mission, we provide free access to our community platform where cannabis photographers and content creators can network, learn, and engage in friendly competition. 

Our community platform features member profiles, a member directory, forums, and, the thing that started it all, our monthly photo contests (now live!).

Along with our contests and community features, we offer printing services for our members and the public, with a focus on using hemp-based materials for fine art and apparel.

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About our community

We recently expanded our community platform to offer members more ways to connect and engage with each other beyond our monthly photo contest. 

Now anyone can create a free Potography.com account and they’ll get a dedicated profile page where they can add links to their business websites and portfolio pages, directly message other members, upload photo albums and artwork, and so much more.

We’ve also added a new Forums section of the website where members can post questions and answers, helpful tutorials, job offers, gear reviews, and anything else you can imagine would be helpful for an aspiring cannabis photographer or content creator.

Potography is dedicated to supporting our community, and we can’t wait to see what our members do with all the new community features we’re rolling out. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay tuned for the latest updates! And, if you haven’t already, don’t forget to create your free Potography account today.

About our photo contest

Potography launched our monthly photo contest in March 2020, just as the COVID-19 lockdowns began. The first contest ran through April 2020 and we’ve hosted a new contest every single month since then. 

Since launching, the contest has attracted over 250 members to the site, with new users signing up to submit entries every month for 3 years straight and even more non-registered users visiting the site to cast votes for their favorite artists.  

While the photo contest is arguably no longer the main attraction here at Potography.com, it’s still one of our favorite parts of the platform and community, and we plan to keep it going for as long as we have people submitting entries.

Anyone can vote in our monthly photo contests, and with a free Potography.com account, you can compete to win lifetime bragging rights, free hemp prints, and more! 

personalized hemp prints - custom hemp prints - contest-blog-archive-october-prints-photo-for-blog
A selection of hemp prints for our monthly photo contest winners

Printing Services

Potography specializes in printing cannabis-inspired fine art and photography on hemp-based paper. 

We like hemp paper not just because it’s made from cannabis, but also because it’s the best choice in terms of strength, sustainability, and longevity. 

Hemp naturally enjoys all of the properties we look for in archival art media, from its luxurious feel to its acid and lignin-free composition, and we couldn’t be happier with the quality of some of the newer hemp papers on the market.

While we prefer to print cannabis art on hemp, our mission is to support our community of artists, so we’ve recently expanded our printing services to include a lineup of traditional non-hemp print products as well.  

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any of your printing needs!

Why "Potography?"

While our use of the term began with cannabis photography, we believe “potography” encompasses the full spectrum of cannabis-inspired art, from photography and graphic design to music and film.

Countless works of art have been inspired by cannabis, and every day the plant continues to help us make life more colorful.

You can read more about how the idea evolved from a pun to a platform by checking out this post on The Birth of Potography, and you can learn more about our logo by reading this post on the Origins and Evolutions of the Potography Colorleaf.

The Potography Colorleaf symbolizes the creativity and human connection inspired by cannabis

About the Team


Sam McBee

Originally from New York, Sam moved to Washington, DC in 2011 to help legalize cannabis. 

After graduating from American University in 2015, he worked as a cannabis policy strategist and home grow consultant until 2019 when he decided to shift his focus to art and business. 

Along with being a lifetime cannabis advocate, Sam is an award-winning cannabis cultivator and a self-taught web designer and entrepreneur, with Potography.com being his first web-based project.

When he’s not working on his lifelong mission to show the world what cannabis can do, he enjoys attending live music events and learning new things about this incredible human experience.

Nick Dellipizzi

Also from New York, Nick moved to the California Bay Area in 2011 for college. His journey west led him to a decade-long career in the cannabis industry, where he worked with renowned brands such as Kiva Confections and Harborside Health Center before moving back to New York in 2022.

Nick became well-known for documenting his cannabis escapades on his Instagram (@the_chronickk), where he’s developed a trademark style for his ready-to-smoke flower shots.

Now back in his home state with his English Bulldog, Bowser, Nick continues to contribute to the cannabis community with his never-ending hunt for the best buds the world has to offer.


If you have any questions or want to learn more about Potography, feel free to reach out to Sam at sam@potography.com, or fill out the form on our Contact page.

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